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Scott Drake 79-04 Lower Shifter Seal - User Review

After getting tired of exhaust fumes in my 1986 Mustang I decided to replace the shifter boots for the T-5. You can check this Tech Article where I replaced the lower boot, or seal. This however is a review of the parts. The part is a reproduction lower shifter boot for 79-93 Mustangs with manual transmission. The part is supplied by Scott Drake, sold by Mustangs Unlimited.  [insert pic] I didn't need the metal retainer, so I reused that. Total cost was about $16

So now my review:

1) Fit seems good, holes lined up, however the center hole for the shifter handle was a little tight. That could have been from the Tri-Ax shifter.
2) The material feels a little more plastic, than rubber which may be an issue.


So I will come back in a few months to update this review, and add any additional information, and update everyone on the condidtion of the new boot.


New Article category, Restoration Parts Reviews.

Something I  Have been thinking about adding for a while now, and I can relate to, it the use of restoration parts. You know, the parts that Ford has stopped producing, or the cost of FORD OEM or NOS part is prohibitive, and someone has decided to reproduce. This can be anything from body parts to little rubber gaskets. I hear now they even have a '65 Fastback shell in reproduction :) I am working on setting up categories and what data to store now and should have it together by Father's Day weekend. Anyone can submit a review, details to follow soon, so get writing and picture taking.

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